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The Process

How It All Works

So what does the road to owning your dream home look like? Here are seven basic steps to moving into your brand new dream home.

1. Pick a Location

Before selecting your home, you need to where you’re going to put it. Location affects a number of things like size of the home, site preparation, and permits and approvals. The more you know about the property where you’ll be putting the home, the easier the project will be. How large is the site? How is the site accessed? Is the site flat? Are there trees? What utilities are available? All of these factor into cost estimates for your project. Our expert staff will help guide you through what to look for if you’re in the process of buying property or, if you already own property, evaluating what homes might work best for you.

2. Choose a Home

All manufactured homes are not created equal. Different homes are built with different standards and materials–and it takes an informed consumer to know what to look for. Our staff will take the time to make sure you get the information you need to choose the best home for your situation, ensuring that you get a home that not only looks good but will last.

3. Paperwork and Bids

The next step in owning your home is arranging financing and putting together the contract for purchasing the home. While the amount of paperwork required may seem a bit daunting, our staff have been doing this for years and will make the process as painless as possible. It’s also at this point where bids for site development, air conditioning, etc. are solicited so that you’ll know the cost of not just the house but other elements of the project.

4. Permits

The permits your project will require and the amount of effort to get those permits will depend on where your home site is located. Baughn and Cameron will work with your contractor to obtain permits, including assisting with documentation and, if necessary, helping to identify professional services that may be required (for example, septic design or engineering).

5. Order Your Home

This is one of the exciting parts! Once you and your salesperson have done the paperwork, seen the site, met the contractors, and gotten permits and financing, it’s time to go through your home features one more time to make sure it’s exactly what you want and send the order off to the factory to be built!

6. Construction

While your home is waiting its turn to be built at the factory, your contractor will be hard at work. Septic, utilities, foundation—whatever your site requires before the arrival of your new home—are done at this stage. Once your home is built and arrives on site, there will still be things that need to be done to make it move-in ready. Baughn and Cameron will arrange for the house to be delivered and set and for finishing drywall and flooring, which must be done on site, to be completed. Upon completion, the house will be construction cleaned, and you’ll do a walkthrough with a factory technician to ensure all items have been taken care of to your satisfaction. At this point, your contractor will also be completing the garage or porches that you may be putting with the house. When all these things are complete, a final permit will be issued, and you’ll be almost ready to move in!

7. Move In

The part you’ve been waiting for! Once final permits are received, loans are funded, escrow is closed, and the home walkthrough is done, it’s time for you to move in to your new manufactured home! But even after you move in, we’ll still be here to help if you have questions or if there are service issues that come up. Just give us a call!

We are here to guide you.

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